Husband Swaps Wife's Cat With A Better-Behaved Twin Cat Without Her Knowing

What happened

Photo: Getty Images

As a proud cat dad of two sons (@AidenAndTucker), I am TRIGGERED by this story that is going viral on Reddit. And I definitely feel like it's grounds for divorce.

As part of Reddit's "True Off My Chest", A man confessed that six years ago, when he was first dating his now-wife, he switched her cat for a more well-behaved cat! EXCUSE ME?? (See the post below)

According to the INSANE Reddit post:

(My now-wife) had an all black cat that was extremely aggressive. One week she went out of town to visit her family and I was supposed to go to her apartment and feed it. I went to the local animal shelter. Found an identical cat who was already litterbox trained and acclimated to people, I adopted it, took it to my wife's apartment, settled it in, then drove her original cat to an animal shelter a town over.

So what's your verdict? If you were married to someone, and you found out they did this... would you divorce them??

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