Woman Claims Chiropractic Treatment Brought Back Taste She Lost From COVID

attractive chiropractor touching hand of patient in grey t-shirt

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I’ve gotta tell you, I swear by chiropractic care. I’ve had issues with my back, neck, shoulders, EVERYTHING lol… and I’ve always felt better after being adjusted and treated by a chiropractor. (Shout out to Dr. Shane in South Tampa!) But I had no idea the treatments could be beneficial for symptoms of COVID as well!

A woman in Houston lost her taste and smell FOR A YEAR after testing positive for COVID-19. No meds or doctor treatments were working. In fact, doctors told her there’s nothing more they could do. But then she visited a chiropractor for a completely different issue, her back, and after being adjusted, her smell and taste came back. (Watch the story below)

According to the chiropractor:

It's so amazing and we've heard from a lot of other chiropractors in the community that they've been having this response, you know, people getting their taste and their smell back after an adjustment and we learned in school you know that the cranial nerves the nervous system controls everything. With an atlas adjustment with the adjusting the first bone in the neck we can see amazing things, vision come back, hearing come back, but I never thought in a million years that I would be seeing so many patients get their taste and smell back.


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