ILLENIUM Talks Deluxe Of "Fallen Embers", New Music, #FinkysFavorites

Photo: @iamBrianFink on IG

Always awesome catching up with ILLENIUM! He shared how he decided what songs would go on the original release of his album “Fallen Embers”, and what would go on the new deluxe edition. Plus how “Hurts Like This” came together with BANNERS.

(Watch the full interview below)

ILLENIUM also took on #FinkysFavorites! Find out his:

  • Favorite ILLENIUM song
  • Favorite song that got him into EDM
  • Favorite non-EDM song that always puts him in a good place
  • Favorite vocalist
  • Favorite thing a fan has given him
  • Favorite piece of art that his girlfriend has done


ILLENIUM & BANNERS - "Hurts Like This"

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