The most dangerous tree in the world, the manchineel tree, is in Florida

Whether you are a life long resident, someone who just moved here or one of millions of tourists visiting Florida, you need to pay attention to this. The manchineel tree is so dangerous that even standing beneath its branches could be fatal – and you can find it right here in Florida. Touching it, standing beneath it or doing anything but looking at it from a distance is not only dangerous, but could be fatal. Legend even says it’s what killed Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon.

While this tree doesn't look deadly, the appearance shouldn't fool you, every part of the manchineel is poisonous! The fruit is toxic, and so is the sap from the leaves and stems.

If touched, the irritants found in manchineel sap can produce inflammation and painful blisters on the skin. Passersby should be warned not to stand underneath the tree when it’s raining, as the dripping water can transfer toxins from the tree to anyone underneath it. If you think burning manchineel bark will rid get rid of this threat, sorry that wont work either as it has been known to cause irritation, even blindness, due to airborne poison ash.

So how do you identify this deadly tree?

This team went in search of the tree and show you how to identify this deadly tree in the video below

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