WATCH: Britney Spears Shares Message, #FreeBritney Movement Saved Her Life

#FreeBritney Rally In Los Angeles

Photo: Getty Images

Britney Spears has a message for her fans, and it's an amazing one!

Britney took to Instagram, and posted a video where she thanks her fans, and says the #FreeBritney movement saved her life. (Watch the video below)

Her caption read:

I might as well do a hint of my thoughts on the gram before I go and set things square on@Oprah🤔😜🤷🏼‍♀️ !!!!! I mean who knows … I do know how embarrassing is to share the fact I’ve never seen cash or wasn’t able to drive my car …. but honestly it still blows my mind every day I wake up how my family and the conservatorship were able to do what they did to me … it was demoralizing and degrading !!!! I’m not even mentioning all the bad things they did to me which they should all be in jail for … yes including my church going mother !!!! I’m used to keeping peace for the family and keeping my mouth shut … but not this time … I have NOT FORGOTTEN and I hope they can look up tonight and know EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN !!!!


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