Måneskin Address Queerbaiting Accusations


Photo: Francis Delacroix

Måneskin bassist Victoria de Angelis and drummer Ethan Torchio both belong to the LGBTQ community; however, singer Damiano David and guitarist Thomas Raggi have received backlash for adopting a more gender-fluid style, like wearing makeup and heels, even though they're heterosexual.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, de Angelis addressed the queerbaiting accusations. “There are some cases where it happens, but sometimes [the accusations are] so extreme," she said. "It’s stupid for queer people, who should fight these stereotypes, to label it as this and create more hate. The fact [Raggi and David] are straight doesn’t mean they can’t wear makeup. Or heels.”

“Everything me and Thomas do is always filtered by two people who are [queer]," David clarified. "Of course we don’t experience the same stuff, but we live every day very closely with people from the community.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the band cleared up misconceptions some may have about their lifestyle choices. “I think the view people have of us, and of me, it’s very off-target,” said David. “People think we behave like the Sex Pistols, or Mötley Crüe, but we’re nothing like that. We’ve got more educated on the risks of drugs and how they affect your body. I don’t even drink alcohol any more.”

“We don’t think real rock music is about these stereotypes of the sex and drugs and rock’n’roll lifestyle,” de Angelis added. “It’s about expression and creative freedom.”

Måneskin released their sophomore album RUSH! on Friday (January 20).

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