This Old Netflix Tweet About Password Sharing Didn’t Age Well

Photo: Getty Images

Netflix revealed this week its plans to crack down on password sharing and the internet is having a field day.

An old tweet from the streaming giant's official Twitter account has resurfaced leaving users more confused than ever on Netflix's actual stance on password sharing. The tweet from March 10, 2017 reads, "Love is sharing a password."

The resurfacing of the tweet that didn't age well comes a day after Netflix announced it would soon require its users to live in the same household as the primary account holder, and even be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to keep streaming your favorite shows. If users are consistently accessing a Netflix account from outside the main household, which is tracked using IP addresses, device IDs and account activity, the account is at risk of being blocked. Another way to keep your account from being blocked is to log in at least once every 31 days on the primary household's Wi-Fi network.

These new rules are currently being rolled out in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, but the U.S. could be on the list as soon as the first quarter of 2023.

Hundreds, probably even thousands, of Twitter users cracked down on Netflix for the now-super-contradicting tweet. Here are some of the best memes:

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