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AirCar Flying Car Cleared For Takeoff, Could Be Available Next Year

Futuristic autonomous car flying in the sky

Photo: Getty Images

The future is upon us! Or could be, as soon as next year!!

Klein Vision's AirCar flying car (not pictured above) has been cleared for takeover, and the company announced they could be mass producing them as soon as next year! (See the AirCar in-flight below)

According to their press release:

The challenging flight tests included the full range of flight and performance maneuvers and demonstrated an astonishing static and dynamic stability in the aircraft mode. The takeoff and landing procedures were achieved even without the pilot’s need to touch the flight controls. It took a team of 8 highly skilled specialists and over 100,000 manhours to convert design drawings into mathematical models with CFD analysis calculations, wind tunnel testing, 1:1 design prototype powered by electric 15KW engine to 1000kg 2-seat dual-mode prototype powered by 1.6L BMW engine that achieved the crucial certification milestone.


Pretty amazing!

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