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The Chainsmokers Talk “High” & “iPad”, TCS4, #FinkysFavorites

Photo: YouTube/iamBrianFink

Back in February 2020, The Chainsmokers decided to take a break. What they didn’t know was a month later, the whole world would be taking “a break” as well. Alex & Drew share how that changed their mentality. And how long into the break it was before they got inspiration for their new album “TCS4”.

Plus, in celebration of their smash “High” being #1 on the dance chart for two weeks in a row, Alex & Drew share how the song was born. And where their latest smash “iPad” came from. (Watch the full interview below)

The Chainsmokers also take on #FinkysFavorites!

Find out their:

  • Favorite Chainsmokers song
  • Favorite live show they’ve done
  • Favorite thing about each other


The Chainsmokers - “High”

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