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EDM DJ/Producers TELYKast Talk Their Smashes “Body To Body” & “Better Now”

Photo: YouTube/iamBrianFink

With one smash quickly climbing the dance chart, and another one about to, the guys of TELYKast share how “Body To Body” and “Better Now” were born. Trevor and Kyle also share what happened to Linus, the third member of the group.

(Watch the full interview below)

We also get to know TELYKast better w #FinkysFirsts!

Find out about:

  • the first time they met
  • the first name they were gonna go with
  • the first things they wanted to do growing up
  • the first TELYKast show they did
  • the first thing they order at a hamburger joint


TELYKast & Francis Karel - “Better Now”

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