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Kenya Grace Talks Her Record-Beeaking #1 “Strangers”, #FinkysFirsts

Photo: YouTube/@iamBrianFink

Celebrating her smash "Strangers" not only going #1 on the U.S. dance charts but also the U.K. charts, AND making history by being only the second British female solo act to go #1 w an entirely self-written and self-produced track, Kenya Grace shares how the song was born, and if there were a lot of Vs of the song before she released it.

(Listen to the AD30 podcast w Kenya Grace below)

We also get to know Kenya better w #FinkysFirsts!

Find out about:

  • what she first wanted to be growing up
  • the first song she wrote
  • the first dance song that made her fall in love w EDM
  • her first tattoo
  • the first thing she did when her first video went viral
  • the first costume she dressed as for Halloween



Kenya Grace - "Strangers"

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