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PODCAST: Nero Talks New Smash "Blame You", #FinkysFirsts

Photo: YouTube/@iamBrianFink

Celebrating the release of their new smash "Blame You", Dan from NERO joins us for the first time on AD30, and shares how the song was born, how many Vs there were of it before it was released, and what's different about this song compared to past NERO releases.

(Listen to the AD30 podcast w NERO below)

We also get to know Dan & NERO better w #FinkysFirsts!

Find out about:

  • what he first wanted to be growing up
  • the first song they produced
  • the first dance song that made him fall in love w EDM
  • how they first decided on the name 'NERO', and if there were other names being considered
  • the first show they did
  • the first discussions on the return of NERO
  • the first thing Dan admits to loving too much



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