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PODCAST: BONNIE X CLYDE Talk Latest Smash "Weight Of The World", New Album

Photo: YouTube/@iamBrianFink

Celebrating the release of their latest smash "Weight Of The World"BONNIE X CLYDE share how the song was born, and how many Vs there were of it before it was released. They also talk their new album, and when we can expect it! Paige also shares about her solo project Jimmi Paige!!

(Listen to the AD30 podcast w BONNIE X CLYDE below)

We also get to know BONNIE X CLYDE better w #FinkysFavorites!

Find out about:

  • their favorite thing about cats
  • Daniel's favorite thing about DJ'ing
  • Paige's favorite song to sing
  • their favorite thing about the Rose Gang
  • their favorite fan moments
  • their favorite crime to commit if they could get away with anything
  • their favorite thing about eachother



BONNIE X CLYDE - "Weight Of The World"

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