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PODCAST: America’s Dance 30 w Guest Becky Hill

Photo: YouTube/@iamBrianFink

Celebrating her smash w Sonny Fodera hitting #1 on the dance charts, Becky Hill was awesome enough to chat w us before the final show of her UK tour, and shared how "Never Be Alone" was born. Plus who produced the original version of it, and how long ago they wrote it.  She also shared how her latest song "Outside Of Love" was born, and who it was written about!

(Listen to the AD30 podcast w Becky Hill below)

We also get to know Becky better w #FinkysFirsts!!

Find out about:

  • if music was the first thing she wanted to get into when she was growing up
  • the first song she ever wrote
  • the first time she ever performed
  • the first thing she does on show days and the first thing she does after she's done performing
  • the first thing she likes to do when she's finally alone



Becky Hill & Sonny Fodera - “Never Be Alone”

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