WWE Fans Chant "Take His Shoes" During Roman Reigns Fight!!!

This past WWE Monday Night Raw had it's usual ongoings live from LA. Great matches, drawn out story lines and promos but the one thing that I caught that made me scream at my TV with laughter was a fight between WWE superstar Roman Reigns and superstar/part owner of WWE Shane McMahon.

The fight started off with Shane smack talking Roman from backstage, Roman finding him and another WWE superstar Drew McIntyre backstage and fighting them both. Then Roman dragged Shane out to the ring to get some revenge.

Shane McMahon is known to be an Air Jordan sneaker collector and always has a fresh pair of J's on when he's in the building. And during the fight inside the ring, you can clearly hear the crowd chanting "take his shoes, take his shoes".

This week he was rocking a pair of the Jordan/Travis Scott collab "Cactus Jack" retro 1's so I can see why the LA crowd was chanting that. (fast forward to 8:30 in the video).

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