Someone Random Facts About Tampa Florida That Everyone Should Know.

With two big college football bowl games in town, Wrestlemania 36 four months away and of course the Superbowl LV in 2021there's sure to be a lot of out of towners in the bay area.

Here are some random facts that you should know to impress our out of town visitors (courtesy of Creative Loafing).

1) It Took The Tampa Bay Bucs 32 seasons to return a kickoff for a touchdown.

2) Shockingly, the temperature in Tampa has never actually hit 100 degrees.

3) Rapper Shock G (of Digital Underground) is from Tampa and studied music theory at HCC.

4) Babe Ruth hit his longest home run in Tampa.

5) Bayshore is the worlds "longest continuous sidewalk".

6) Tampa sold more illegal liquor during prohibition than anywhere else in the country.

7) The Skyway Bridge spans 3 counties.

8) "Magic Mike" was filmed in the bay area and its star Channing Tatum is a Tampa native and graduated from Tampa Catholic High School.

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