WATCH: New Artist Jax Hears Her Song On The Radio For The First Time.

It's always great to see the reaction of a new artist when the hear their song on the radio for the first time. Last week I had the pleasure to be the guy on the radio announcing new artist Jax latest record "Victorias Secret" and seeing her reaction on her Instagram when he song came on the radio was priceless.

And if you didn't know that back story of the record, it's been going viral on TikTok for some time now (over 7 million views). In the video, Jax is seen leading a flashmob in front of a Victoria's Secret store while the song plays in the background.

The song was inspired by a little girl she (Jax) babysits. In a video Jax shared a month or so ago, she shares that the young girl got into the car after swimsuit shopping at Victoria's Secret and was hysterically crying because a friend told her the bathing suit she tried on made her look "too fat and too flat"

Here's the clip Jax put up on her TikTok with the song "Victoria's Secret".

And here's Jax's reaction to hearing her song on the radio for the first time.

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