5 Ways Being Single Can Cost You More Money.

So CNN did some research on the amount of money people spend when they are in a relationship versus when they are single and it turns out you might be spending more if you are in fact single.

Here's my take on their 5 reasons aka 5 reasons why I'm single.

1) You'll likely pay more for the basics - If I don't have to share, I'm ok with spending more.

2) You Don't have a financial backstop (back up plan) - Isn't that was a saving account is for?

3) You may be charged extra on a group trip - I don't like going anywhere so I think I'll be good.

4) Your Social Security Benefits are less valuable - They've been taking this out of my paychecks my entire adult life and I still haven't seen a dime of it.

5) You're more likely to run short of money for retirement - Who needs a retirement nest egg when I'm gonna win the lottery any week now?

Check out the real reasons below:

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