Unpopular Opinion: Words/Phrases That Need to Go In 2023

Seeing how we are in the last week of 2022 I figured I'd compile a daily list of random things to recap 2022.

Now this first list might ruffle some feathers, but ya gotta admit these words & phrases just gotta go in 2023 so we'll start off with a few of my least favorites and we can add on from there.

1) "FRFR". "For Real" wasn't enough to prove your point so you have to make it "For Real, For Real"? Get outta here with that mess.

2) "Big Bro". If they ain't your biological big brother, then stop saying it.

3) "Woke". We get it, you understand what's going on around you. No one cares.

4) "GOAT". This should only be used for sports figures (Jordan, Brady, Tiger, etc). Was that pizza you got at the spot drunk af at 3am really the GOAT?

5) "Ghosted". Guys, if she ghosted you at all this year it's probably because she heard you use one of the phrases above in a sentence.

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