UNPOPULAR OPINION: Some Of The Most Overrated Things Of 2022

Now this one will definitely start a fight and I'm here for it. Whether it was a TV show, movie, food, etc here's what I think got way too much hype this year.

1) "Stranger Things":

After season 4 blew up on Netflix I tried watching the series. I made it through episode 2 of the first season. I will say this, it brought back some seriously dope music and made Kate Bush a rockstar again.

2) The Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell:

The hype that this little thing had in 2022 was ridic! I mean to the point where you couldn't get one at most Taco Bell's for like a month after they came back. If you thought this thing was that good then we are never going out to dinner.

3) NFT's:

This could actually be on two lists. The overrated list as well as the biggest fail list. If you got into NFT's this year how's that end up for ya?

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