The Top Five Things To NEVER Ask A DJ.

This is something that has gone on for quite some time now. You and your crew go to the club, have a couple drinks and you feel like you own the place then do some pretty annoying stuff.

These are the top five things not to ask or do to a DJ (not in any particular order).

1) DON'T ASK THE DJ WHAT HE'S GONNA PLAY THE WHOLE NIGHT. Are you expecting us to list off every song we have in our libraries?

2) DON'T STICK YOUR PHONE IN THE DJ's FACE!!! By doing this not only are you pissing us off but there's a really good chance your phone will get thrown into the crowd.

3) STOP ASKING US TO PLAY YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST WHILE ONE OF THEIR SONGS IS PLAYING!!! I understand that bars and clubs can be loud (that's the point of the music) but if you come up and request Bad Bunny while we're playing Bad Bunny then we're gonna tell you to go get your hearing checked.

4) "Can you play our song next? We're leaving soon". - NO ONE CARES. This is one of the most annoying and entitling things people do at the club especially from the ladies. If we didn't play your song while you were here most of the night and you asked for it 20 times what makes you think we're gonna play it when you leave?

5) And lastly this goes out to the "up and coming" DJ's. DON'T ASK US IF YOU CAN HOP ON AND PLAY A SET! I have nothing but respect for new DJ's wanting to make a name for themselves but if we don't know you or have never heard of you what makes you think we're just gonna say "sure guy, go ahead and play a few". It's called networking. Look it up.

Sidenote: For all the "OG's" out there that are new to the area or just visiting... NO NE CARES THAT YOU'RE FROM UP NORTH, B. Stop the sh*t.

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