School Board Declines To Terminate Superintendent

The Palm Beach County School Board on Wednesday night was presented with a request to terminate its contract with the Superintendent over what Classroom Teachers Association President Justin Katz called...

"A crisis of leadership within our school district."

Katz says that he believes under Donald Fennoy's leadership, the district has not done enough to prepare teachers for a return to classrooms next week.

The school district had released a statement earlier, claiming that "Dr. Fennoy, and the entire administration, are focused on the continued work at hand, reopening campuses as safely as possible and ensuring that students receive excellence in education whether it be through distance learning or in-person instruction."

A majority of school board members, including Karen Brill, decided now is not the time to re-evaluate Fennoy's contract.

"I think that right now we have to keep our focus on the prize and the prize is going to be opening up our schools."

After the meeting, Katz told the media the following:

"All we asked was that teachers whose doctors say they should not be in that type of situation because they have medical conditions that make them more prone to death from COVID be afforded an opportunity to teach remotely."

The district is still evaluating the more than 1,000 teachers who have applied for remote work assignments.

Meanwhile, the school district says 43 percent of students plan to return to campuses on Monday. The rest will be staying on distance-learning.

Photo: Getty Images