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Top 10 Foods To Try At The Florida State Fair

Check out the top 10 fair foods you NEED to try at the 2018 Florida State Fair!

1. Cowboy Cone - beef in BBQ sauce, baked beans & coleslaw all in a waffle cone


2.  Catfish sundae - fried catfish in tarter sauce, on top of french fries


3. Hot Wisconsin Cheese - seriously the best fried cheese sticks of life


4.  Surf N Turf Sundae - delicious steak & cajun shrimp on top of french fries with cheese sauce


5. Firecracker Corn - corn on the cob, grilled & buttered and then rolled in crushed hot Cheetos


6.  Shrimp & Grits Sundae - throw your fav shrimp & grits on top of some gravy fries & it's magical


7.  Pulled BBQ Pork Cut Ribbon Fries - this pic speaks for itself


8.  Fun Popcorn - specialty popcorn in all these fun flavors!


9.  Parmesan Chompers - think chicken parm, in meatball form and fried. SO GOOD


10.  Cotton candy, of course!

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