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VIDEO: Cash Grab Event For South Dakota Teachers Leaves People Outraged

People online were outraged after this 'Dash for Cash' took place during a recent Sioux Falls Junior ice hockey game where teachers had the opportunity to get some extra cash.

The event involved 10 teachers and the mission? $5,000 was spread out on the ice and the 10 teachers were to get on their hands and knees and grab as much cash as they could in 5 minutes.

While some of the teachers say they were just grateful for the extra money, people online and spectators who were at the game are calling this stunt 'degrading' and 'humilating' for the teachers and say that CU Mortgage in South Dakota, who sponsored this event should have just given the teachers the money.

Here's what the scene looked like.

After the series of tweets were put out showing what had took place, people online did not hesitate to chime in with their thoughts & comments.

However, teachers who had actually participated in this event also had something to say in support of the event.

Since this story has gone viral, CU Mortgage has apologized for the stunt and has also vowed to donate $15,500 to the area teachers. Do you think anything was wrong with the 'Dash For Cash' Event?


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