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7 Best #SignsYouveBecomeYourParents Tweets On Twitter

Trending on twitter tonight #SignsYouveBecomeYourParents. These were the 7 best tweets using the hashtag. See if you made the list below. If you did make the list, share this post that way others can see that you made a difference in the world today. 

If you didn't make this list, it is because you aren't funny, so share this that way people that follow you can get something funny from you for once. 

Once you start going before 4 to save money you have become your Grandparents. 

This guy nailed it, this is my life. 

I often say this to my girlfriend, OMG... I am becoming my parents...

Always trying to stay hip on the lingo 

I am not to this point yet only because of the job I have I need to know who is performing at the Grammy's. 

You are not alone Natalia, me too.

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