What is Going on in Florida?

Another wild story out of Florida today and its almost like the citizens of Florida have pooled their minds together and said "lets all work together everyday to come up with the craziest things that will freak out the rest of the world and send our society as we know it into an endless tailspin."

Maybe there's something in the Florida water that makes you go nuts? Or is there a Florida recruiting team that lures crazy people into moving there? Whatever it may be, insure is entertaining so we might as well sit back and enjoy it while it lasts...or before the entire Sunshine State gets swallowed by a black hole. 

In New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, even in the wildest city in the US, New York, you wouldn't expect to see a wave runner out of water, but in Florida...oh yeah.

On Tuesday the twitter account @_FloridaMan posted a video of a man decked out in board shorts, a muscle tank, and drawstring knapsack driving his wave runner down the highway. At first you feel like you must be seeing things, but then you realize the watercraft is decked out with two motorcycle-like wheels underneath.

If anyone has any information on this man, please tell him to give me a call because there's something I'd like to discuss. Particularly his thinking on this entire thing...