Here Are the 3 Filthiest Surfaces on an Airplane

1.  The headrests.  They aren't disinfected very often, and they definitely aren't cleaned that well between flights. 

This is nasty, I guess I never have thought about this before. It has to be the equivalent of wearing a strangers hat. 

2.  The seat pockets.  Flight attendants say they've found things in seat pockets like half-eaten sandwiches, dirty diapers, used condoms, and used feminine products.

Ever since they got rid of "Sky Mall" there is no need to stick your hand in there anyways, unless you have to puke.


3.  The tray tables.

never going to lay my head on a tray table again, I don't care how hungover I am. Are we allowed to bring clorox wipes through security, sounds like we all need them.