Pickle-Flavored Doritos Are Here: Everything You Need To Know

The latest Doritos flavor is a snack-fanatic's dream. From Cool Ranch to Flamin' Hot Nacho, Doritos loves to experiment with their savory tortilla chips. They're all about "boldness," after all.Intense Pickle Doritos have joined the line-upand we've got all the information you need to know about the exciting flavor.

According to Doritos, thepickle-flavored tortilla chipshave an "extreme crunch and explode-in-the-mouth flavor," as well as "the tanginess of the intense pickle flavor in every bite." Is your mouth watering yet?

The only downside, though, is this particular Doritos flavor is currently only available in Canada. If a Canadian vacation isn't in your future: don't worry. There are still ways to get your hands on Intense Pickle Doritos. The easiest option?Ordering them from Amazon.

Those who have come across Intense Pickle Doritos in the wild have raved about them on social media. One user wrote: "as a pickle fanatic I had to try these and they were amazing. At first kinda just like salted nachos but then it leaves your mouth feeling really pickly and fresh and a bit sour. Definite artificial dill in the bag. 10/10 would recommend."