Here's Where It's Flooding In The Entire Tampa Area

The rain just doesn't seem to stop here in Tampa. Especially in the East Hillsborough area.

The persistent, non stop rain has put buildings under water, along with flooding drive ways, making it undriveable.

Plant City resident Rodney Bechore said his driveway is under around 3 feet of water. He's had to use a boat to get his kids in the morning, and paddle them down to their school bus stop.

The nearby neighbors ground is so flooded, that they can't even see the ground anymore. The ground is so soaked, and is absorbing the water really slowly. You can only see tops of fence posts from far away. It may be because of the new construction causing slow drainage. The rain keeps coming is making it worse.

All that can be done right now is to hope that the rain will stop, and wait for the rain to drain.

However, the rain doesn't seem to be stopping. We could be seeing as much as six inches more of rain according to the National Weather Service. This would especially affect the northern areas, like Pasco and Hernando Counties.This flood watch is until Friday morning.