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Uber And Lyft, Offering Florida Evacuees Free Rides To And From Shelters

The ride companies Uber and Lyft are offering free round trip services to those who are in need to evacuate during hurricane Dorian.

The mobile app ride hailing companies are taking people to any state approved evacuation shelter in Florida.

Uber has continued to run this throughout most of Florida. You can take a look at the times for services and locations here.

If you evacuees want to take advantage of the free round trip to shelters. Download the app, and riders can get up to a free ride up to $20.00.

Follow these steps, (if you're new to Uber.)

1) Open Uber app, and tap the "Payment" in your app menu.

2) Scroll down to Promotions

3) Tap "Add Promo Code"

4) Enter code "DORIANRELIEF" then tap "Add"

5)Select any of the state approved Florida evacuation shelters listed here.

With Lyft, they are offering two rides up to $15.00 each, until September 15th. Use the code "DORIANRELIEF" as well.

This is a great service, and thank you to Uber, Lyft, and their drivers for their help and support.

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