Jacksonville Man Parks Smart Car In Kitchen To Prepare For Hurricane Dorian

So, this is one way to make sure your car doesn't blow away during the hurricane!...

In Jacksonville, where thousands of people were scrambling and in a panic to prepare for Hurricane Dorian. Couple, Patrick and Jessica were among the thousands preparing as well. The one preparation also included making sure their smart car would be safe and secure.

Patrick and Jessica have a two car garage, that occupied their Sedan and pick up truck. However, there was no room for their little smart car! Patrick didn't want to risk the cars less than 2,000 pound weight against Dorian's crazy 100 mph winds.

So, with no room in the garage, outside NOT being an option, the only other thing to do was to make sure the car was safe.That meant safe in the kitchen.

The smart car managed to fit in the kitchen through the kitchen's double doors. Even though there was no damage, that was good thinking Patrick!

Nick Wize

Nick Wize

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