9/11 TSA Training At Macdill Air Force Base

The September 11th terror attacks that struck tragedy 18 years ago today, still resonates deeply and impacts our world to this day.

For the MacDill Air Force Base here in Tampa, the training to protect our country from threats never stops. Days like today, are an example of why it's crucial to continue to train with local agencies against terrorist threats.

You may have seen smoke and flames in the sky today at the Air Force Base, which was all for training. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration agents from the Tampa Airport, and the 6th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit, worked together this morning for training. The training also consisted of walking though, and identifying nine potential bomb threat situations before setting off the explosions.

The officers at the MacDill Air Force Base watched the test bombs go off today, and it had them think about the safety and security changes since the 9/11 attacks.

It is a day that's changed our lives forever, and is a day that we will never forget. Thinking of the lives that were lost, and the families that were impacted on that tragic day.

Nick Wize

Nick Wize

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