Airlines Make $12 Billion Off Baggage Fees

Wow, so I can see why less and less people are checking in bags at the airports these days...

The airlines seem to be earning a whole lot of money from the checked bag fees. We're talking billions of dollars!

The baggage fees have increased in 8.6% over the last year... The nations largest airline, American Airlines made the most money off baggage fees, earning them over $12 billion. They've also put up the price fees from $25- $30 for the first bag, and then $35-$40 for the second.

Here's a list of the Average Baggage Fees Per Passenger:

  • Spirit - $26.61
  • Frontier Airlines - $21.17
  • Allegiant Airlines - $19.78
  • Sun Country Airlines - $16.94
  • American Airlines - $9.95
  • Alaska Airlines - $9.89
  • United Airlines - $9.58
  • JetBlue Airways - $9.36
  • Delta Airlines - $6.30
  • Southwest Airlines - $0.36

These fees are going to continue, (of course) Look at all the money they're making off bags.

Well, I guess it's time to cram what I can in a carry on bag on my next airline trip...

Nick Wize

Nick Wize

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