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NEW MS. MONOPOLY Game Celebrating Women's Inventions Coming Soon.

Wow, Monopoly is taking things to a whole new level...

Now, I wasn't even aware that in the past year, there have been a new Monopoly games created? One being Millennial Monopoly and the other being, Monopoly Socialism?

These games created by the toy company Hasbro, had some interesting concepts. The Millennial Monopoly which came out last year, consisted of jokes of not being afford property. Also, a rule that whoever had the most real life debt, got to go first. I also really like how on the cover of this game box, the Monopoly guy is wearing sunglasses, and drinking what appears to be a Starbucks coffee.

Then last month, the Monopoly Socialism was about old technology, and Vegan Meatloaf? (This is more of a parody game of the classic Monopoly game.)

Monopoly has come a long way since I played it with my family during the holidays.

Now, the latest addition to Monopoly, is MS. MONOPOLY. This is the first ever monopoly game that celebrates women.The game rule here, is it fixes the age gap, giving the female players more money to start than the guy players. Then pays them more when they pass GO.

With MS. MONOPOLY, another difference is, instead of buying properties, you purchase innovations and inventions like Wi-Fi, and chocolate chip cookies. Which were made by women!

The MS. MONOPOLY game will be available in the next few weeks.

I will for sure be getting this game!

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