Woman Suffers "Broken Heart Syndrome" After Thinking Wasabi Was Avocado

The term "broken heart" does in fact really exist...

A woman in Israel who attended a wedding party, made the mistake of thinking wasabi was avocado.

The woman in her mid 60's took a small sample of wasabi, and her taste buds and chest did not agree with the spicy, sharp, horseradish flavor...

Five minutes after ingesting it, she began feeling chest pains, that went down her arm, and she apparently had a teaspoon size of the wasabi, which was too much for her. (I think my nose would've just stung and burned!!) The pain continued for hours, and began to calm down. Then the next say, she felt "uncomfortable and weak" according to the site. Shen then went to the doctors, who then did tests, and diagnosed her with the "broken heart syndrome."

According to www.iflscience.com website, she is "The first person ever to get broken heart syndrome."

Broken heart syndrome symptoms are similar to a heart attack, and changes the hearts ability to pump blood. It is often caused by emotional, stressful and traumatic situations. Like, a death of a loved one. It also can be brought on by a physical illness.

This is the first time this has been caused by food. The woman recovered 100% in the hospital and was discharged.