Domino's Japan Serving Up "Halloween Roulette" Pizza In Ghost Pepper Sauce

A new Halloween pizza is being served from Domino's in Japan. The "Halloween Roulette" pizza is being available until November 4th, and it sounds like a pizza that would pretty funny! Unless it's you of eating this surprise pizza slice of course...

This Halloween pizza sauce is made of ghost peppers. (This pizza sounds like it would be more for prank purposes.) Domino's let's customers pick the pizza slice of they want with toppings, and then customers can select the free "Halloween Roulette" spicy sauce to place on a random slice of pizza in the box. The Domino's kitchen then has the ok to use a dropper of the spicy sauce on a slice of pizza.

Then an unfortunate person gets a hot surprise if their pizza is the spiked one.

Luckily though, it's only a small drop of the ghost peppers sauce, so the person wont endure too much!

Domino's is also putting stickers on their pizza boxes to indicate that it is a "Halloween Roulette" pizza.

I get how it's related to Halloween now... Ghost peppers!