Busch Gardens 13 Year Old Bengal Tiger "Bala" Passes Away

It's a sad day at Busch Gardens...

Bala, the 13 year old Bengal tiger, who "was known for her beautiful coloring" has passed away.

The Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Facebook Page, said "Bala has lived with her brother Bhutan at the park since 2007."

The post said Bala got injured when she was with her brother. It stated "Bala incurred a major injury from a typical interaction with her brother and was transported to the park's Animal Care Center. Despite the veterinarians' best efforts, her wounds were too great and she was humanely euthanized."

How incredibly sad. However, Bala had a great life at Busch Gardens and was so loved, and lived a long time for a Bengal tiger, who's life expectancy in the jungle is around 8-10 years.

The page ended their post with "Bala had "world class care" and "was loved by the team and the guests who visited Jungala. She will dearly be missed."

RIP Bala.