Tampa K9's Train At Adventure Island Water Park

Tampa K9's at Adventure Island?

Adventure Island here in Tampa has been used for training K9 officers in water for six years now. The water park has been used as a training facility for local law enforcement agencies and military. It was actually the largest gathering of K9's to date, and held 60 dogs.

The water park, (which was closed last week), only open their pools to the K9's in their off season to practice water rescue exercises and narcotics training.

Of course, here in Florida, we're around lots of bodies water. So, this training gives the dogs lots of different situations and scenarios to practice with their partners.This also helps the dogs build their confidence, (if they're not used to the water.)

The dogs also get to socialize and play with the other K9's as well. Sounds like a fun day for the dogs.

Whilst the K9's are getting their training, the pools are closed to the public. If you would like to donate to the K9 officers, click here.