Here's How T.I. Ensures His 18 daughter Is Still A Virgin

So, apparently rapper T.I. says he "accompanies" his 18 year old daughter Deyjah Harris to her gynecologist...

T.I. who was a guest on the podcast "Ladies Like Us", admitted that he's been taking his daughter to her annual gyno visits for years. He said he "schedules the doctors visit each year." (Also, that it's usually right after his daughter Deyjah's birthday.)

He said he sits at the clinic and waits for the doctor to come back with the results confirming that she is in fact still a virgin... And that her hymen is still in tact, and not broken.

T.I. says it's his "right as a parent to steer his daughter away from what he considers are bad decisions."

T.I. has received backlash from millions criticizing his remarks on his daughters virgin status. This afternoon, T.I. was up to the top most trending topic on social media in the U.S. with people sharing their thoughts on this gyno situation with his daughter.