Pringles Releasing Their 'Friendsgiving' Feast "Turkducken" Flavored Chips

Well, there's another reason to be thankful this year...

Pringles has brought back their 'Thanksgiving-flavored chip kits." This year they've gone all out as well. If you're like me and aren't very good at cooking,and have a group of family or friends coming over for Thanksgiving, this would be a great snack to have out. Pringles has turkey flavored chips, duck flavored chips, and chicken flavored chips.

This chip kit features the 'Friendsgiving Feast' "Turducken Stack." So, you can literally stack all the of the different flavored chips together, and have the Turducken Stack creation.

Also, this chip kit will also feature Cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pumpkin pie flavored chips. (Not sure what I feel about a 'pumpkin flavored' chip?)

But, they are proven to be popular. Last year, it was reported on USA Today that these chip kits sold in 41 minutes. More information on that here. I also just potted that they've been listed on someones ebay store for $5,000.00. Wow...

The Thanksgiving flavored 3-pack chips will have a limited number of sets available. So, get them while you can! They will be available starting Friday, November 8th. You can order the 3-pack mini Pringles here.

It's nice to see Thanksgiving is getting a shout out and celebrated. Also, I wonder if Vegetarians/Vegans can enjoy these chips as well?