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Arcade Superstore Filled With Over 25,000 Video Games in Downtown St. Pete

Arcade galore!

If you're like me, and grew up with the best games on Nintento, Atari, N64, SEGA, Game Cube, Dreamcast, PS2, PS3, this is for you. (Oh, and of course, PS4, Xbox, EA Games and other game consoles) are available in this 8,000 sqare foot warehouse.

M&M Video Games, which is where you'll find over 25,000 video games, is in downtown St. Petersburg. The video game superstore will buy, sell, trade games, along with fixing old game systems. They buy and sell ALL VIDEO games. (Where was this place when I needed my Nintendo console fixed?) The M&M store has been up and running for six years now.

Their arcade is $5.00 for a whole day of play, and they also have competitive and casual 'video game tournaments' you can join in with as well. Along with classes, workshops, and private parties all surrounded by the classic video games.

They have different plans and prices available, and you can also become a member. Being a 'Gold' member, you pay $200.00/month which includes discounts, and events.

It sounds like a fun day out. I'm gonna see if they've got WWF No Mercy on N64 available to play.

For more information, or what events are going on, check their website here.

If you want to stop by and see the place, it's located at:

3110 44th Avenue North

St. Petersburg


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