Furniture Shop Without Leaving Your Home, With New 3-D Virtual Shopping

The future of furniture shopping is changing...

Furniture stores are going to be using a 3-D technology that has the shopper to shop 'virtually.' This concept will be so you can furniture shop without leaving your house and going to a store.

The company Marxent which is "The worlds largest 3D platform" located in St. Petersburg is creating a virtual furniture shopping experience in your own home. With an ipad, you can look at how a sofa, bed, dining room table, and how different dimensions will fit in your home.

Also, with the 'virtual reality goggles' you can walk around and see how the furniture can fit, and move it in different position.

I remember having an app similar to this to test different wall colors in your house, to see if they worked.

So farm stores like Macy's have been using the Marxent 3-D technology, and La-Z-Boy have just started using it as well.

I wonder what's next with this 3-D technology? The concept kind of reminds me of the classic "Sims" game.