90's Kids Show "Legends Of the Hidden Temple" Gets A Reboot For Adults

If you're a 90's kid like me, then this will be right your alley...

Nostalgia proves to be popular. With the reboots "Are you afraid of the dark" along with Disney TV shows, and movies being remade, it's cool to see this classic 90's game show is making a comeback. However, this kids reboot is back for adults!

The 90's Nickelodeon "Legends Of The Hidden Temple" which ran from 1993-1995 is making a return.

The competitive action/adventure game which consisted kids running through an obstacle course searching for treasure. This time around, it's going to star adults. The upcoming mobile first streaming platform Quibi, will debut the revival on April 6th, 2020.

The show shows reboot will be like "Survivor", and will take place in an actual jungle, and not in a TV studio. It will be for an adult audience, and the competitors will have to go through hard challenges, and massive prizes.

Quibi will soon be auditioning for contestants of the show. Hmmm... Where do I sign up?!