Florida Woman Makes Threats Over McDonald's Dipping Sauce.

Florida woman goes irate over McDonald's dipping sauce...

The 19 year old Marie Mclaughlin was arrested for threatening a McDonald's employee in Vero Beach in the early morning, because of her being irate over dipping sauce...

Marie apparently bought a lot of food, and came back to the drive thru window, asking for every kind of dipping sauce. The McDonald's employee said it was 25 cents a sauce, and that pushed Marie over the edge. She got belligerent, and started threatening and swearing at the McDonald's employee, saying she'd "rob the place" and get "the sauce by whatever means necessary."

The McDonald's employees who were scared, and feared for their safety called the police. She was arrested, and was later restrained. She was taken into custody and was seized to the Indian River County Jail. She was interviewed by the River County Police, who stated in their affidavit that she had "glossy eyes, smelled of alcohol, and had slurred speech."

Marie was later posted bond, and is back in court at the end of January.

Sounds like a crazy night for the McDonald's employees.