Travel Agency Is Hiring a 'Theme Park Ride Tester' For Florida Theme Parks.

Would you want a job testing out theme park rides? I sure would!

A travel agency is looking for 'theme park testers' to test out Florida theme Park rides that would include parks like Disney, Universal, Busch Gardens, and Seaworld.

The travel agency Ocean Florida, which is based in the UK, will allow the lucky theme park tester to spend three weeks at Florida's popular parks during April and May time.

The Ocean Florida website says the tester will experience the fireworks, food, drinks, brands, photo ops, and will receive $3,900/salary. Plus, you have an option to bring someone with you.

So, the person gets a free trip to Florida, and gets paid to test the rides? Wow, that sounds too good to be true!

If you would like more information on this job position, or know someone in the UK that you think would be the perfect candidate. For more details, Click here to apply.