Bradenton Man Wakes Up To Burglar Sucking On His Toes

A guy wakes up to an unusual Christmas surprise...

A man in Bradenton woke on Christmas eve to something very creepy. A burglar that snuck into house, and was sucking on his toes.

According to the Bradenton Herald, the resident, (who was obviously disturbed by this), asked the stranger what he was doing? The guy replied "was here to suck toes."

A scuffle began between the resident and the burglar. Police responded to the scene, and said that the burglar tried to grab the residents genitals, and claimed to have a gun. (Luckily, No gun was found.)

The victim however, kicked the intruder out of his house, and the intruder bashed a window of the guys car and ran off. The police took whatever evidence that was left behind, like DNA samples from the guys feet/toes to try and find the creepy burglar.