Tampa Woman Arrested For Trying To Create A Homemade Bomb In Walmart

37 year old Tampa woman Emily Stallard was caught and arrested at a Walmart for allegedly making a homemade bomb.

Emily was wandering through the Walmart on East Fletcher Avenue with her child for over an hour. She was opening up random things down the aisles, like a box of nails, denatured alcohol, and a mason jar, along with flammable items like matches.

A Walmart security guard noticed this weird behavior, and told an off duty officer who was in the Walmart. Emily was stopped by the policeman, and the security guard before she lit the wick to her 'bomb' and caused an explosion at the store.

When deputies arrived to the Walmart, Emily proceeded to spit on them when she was being placed in the police car.

She's been charged for numerous offences, and her bond is $8,500.

Thank goodness this woman was caught in time, with the good eyes from the security guard, who alerted the off duty cop. This could've ended up really really awful. If you see something suspicious, report it!