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LA Is Officially On 24 Hour Lock down


Could this happen in Tampa Bay?

The most populous county in America has just been issued a shelter in place mandate by Mayor Eric Garcetti. In a joint press conference with Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger and the Department of Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrera, Los Angeles now resembles the San Francisco area, who earlier this week issued their own safer at home order. The issue means that there is now a mandatory closure of all nonessential businesses a.k.a. no public playgrounds, no gatherings of any size in public, and traveling only out of necessity. Employees vital to the infrastructure of Los Angeles will still be able to commute freely. Restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, food banks, farmers' markets, convenience stores, gas stations, and hardwood stores are all considered essential businesses.

Earlier this week, California Governor Gavin Newsom shut down the bars and dining room restaurants. Street vending food services were also banned in the city of Los Angeles yesterday, March 18. Those hoping for food from their favorite restaurants will now have to opt for delivery or takeout.  

Kathryn Barger has asked that residents continue to support from the local restaurants and purchase food. During the press conference, officials continued to a sure Los Angeles county residents that grocery stores will be fully stocked and to avoid hoarding as much as possible.

“The order is the next step to protecting our residents from the coronavirus by increasing our social distancing,” Barger said. “We know that staying at home and decreasing contact is the best way to halt the spread.”

“We must slow the number of new cases that we have,” said public health director Dr. Barbara Ferrer. “Without slowing the number of new cases, we will, for sure, overwhelm not just the healthcare system, but a number of essential services as workers themselves fall ill.”

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