Nick Wize

Nick Wize

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The One Where A Coach Gets Fired


  • Dak Throws for 500 and has thrown over 450 last 3 weeks 
  • Golden Tate vs Jalen Ramsey Fight
  • High scoring
  • WR’s throwing Touchdowns 
  • Lions blow another lead
  • Foles Spark gone
  • Bill O'brien fired

Best Start / Worst Start / Benched 

Tom Brady vs Justin Herbert (

  • The age gap between starting qbs is the largest in nfl history (20+ years). 
  • What things were cool when Tom Brady made first start

Would You Rather?

Florida State 5 

  • Struggles with Jacksonville State
  • How many games realistically should FSU fans expect to win this year
  • Bobby Bowden tested positive for Covid

Final Whistle

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