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THEjoeSHOW Full Show 9-28-2020!

THEjoeSHOW was awesome today! Check them out now on iHeart Radio or wherever your get your podcasts!

Today that had a lot on the show!

-5 @ 6:25 where Ashley moved her record to 83-0 as she goes for 84-0 tomorrow.

-What's Your Sign, a chance where we give you your morning reading, right around 6:50!

-Keeping you up to date every hour with the latest in celebrity gossip and trending news. THEjoeSHOW has What's On Twitter!

-Ask Ashley at 7:25 (You get to Ask the tough life questions to Ashley and she answers them)

-Douchebag Of The Day (Calling out Douchebags in the Tampa Bay Area!)

-THEjoeSHOW also talked about; Why you can't be friends with some of your significant other's friends, who falls asleep all the time in public, and our favorite Florida Man Headlines from the weekend!

Come check out THEjoeSHOW weekday mornings right here on FLZ!

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